Monday, March 28, 2011

A Pink and Yellow Dinosaur Party (Part 3)

After months of planning and crafting, we finally had my daughters' birthday party last weekend. We have been crazy busy, so it has taken me awhile to post the decoration pictures-- but better late than never, right?

 To the left is a picture of the birthday banner I made for the girls. The letters were colored and printed with the computer. Then I cut the letters out and pasted them onto some cardstock (I  probably have 3-4 fat stacks on hand at all times). I added some dinosaurs and glittery gem stickers for embellishment. They are hard to see in the picture, but in person, the banner was appropriately sparkly. I bunched holes in the corners and strung the letters up for a fun, FREE, custom birthday banner.

To the right is a look at the table decorations, including the tablecloth that I made. Our table is just the right size for me to make super easy fabric tablecloths. Basically, I just pick out 2 yards of fabric from the bargain bin, sew up the edges and presto! Since we don't use a tablecloth any other time of the year, I usually keep them for drop-cloths to use under my daughters' chairs.

Also note the placemats I made. I colored designs of different dinosaurs (T-rex, Stegosaurus, Triceratops, Pteranodon, and Apatosaurus), glued them to colorful paper, and laminated them. The lamination is neat because now the girls can color on them with any washable or dry erase marker, similar to one of Emily Green's Imagination Mats (e.g. Emily Green Hootie Do You Love Placemat). Unfortunately, my laminator tops out at legal-sized paper, but I am pretty sure I could get a bigger design done at Staples for a reasonable price.

This last picture shows the cakes laid out on the table as a center piece. I cannot claim credit for these beauties-- it's all Nana! And really, with talent like this in the family, I have zero desire to work on my own cake-decorating skills. I will stick to crafting, thanks!

So anyhow, this is the final post in a series that began two whole months ago. It's hard to believe that my babies are already 3 and 1. The party was fun, and all of the work was totally worth my 3 year old's excitement when she saw the decorations. She is already asking for next year's party!

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